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6Sec for Windows Phone free, Apps 6Sec, 6Sec is the only full Vine client app for Windows Phone. 100% safe and virus free download from

6Sec is an unofficial Vine client that allows you to create and post short videos to Vine and explore all the weird and wonderful content on the video messaging network.

What you can do with 6Sec

6Sec is a fully featured Vine app for Windows Phone 8 that gives you a complete experience of the popular social network. It allows you to upload, share, explore, find, and follow. The Explore part of 6Sec allows you to browse Vine videos that you might be interested in. You can choose to peruse videos in a particular category or see videos that are popular now or on the rise. You can also view trending topics on Vine.


You can create and upload Vine clips through 6Sec, capturing using the front or rear camera. While recording, there are options to enable/disable flash, focus on a particular area, and apply a grid to the screen if you choose. Once you've finished creating your clip you can preview it before rendering and uploading it to Vine. Note, that you can only add one video in the trial version of 6Sec, after which time you'll need to make an in-app purchase to upload more. 6Sec includes a search function that allows you to search for tags or people. The app allows you to sync Vines with Facebook and Twitter.

Navigating 6Sec

6Sec is very easy to use thanks to a clear and simple user interface. Exploring videos is a breeze thanks to the well organized channels section. Recording video is done by holding your finger down on the screen and releasing when you want to stop recording. You can record different parts to a video by holding and releasing your finger in this way for the duration of the video.

First class design

The overall look and feel of 6Sec is a joy to behold, and I found it even more enjoyable to use than the official iOS and Android Vine clients. When scrolling down through Vines, 6Sec will auto-play the video that occupies the center of the screen, making for hassle-free viewing. 6Sec supports Live Tiles, allowing you to pin hash tags to your Start screen for quick access to Vines around a certain theme. Unfortunately, you can't pin people that you're following as Live Tiles.

The verdict

6Sec is a classy Vine client for Windows Phone that's a joy to use. An official version of Vine for Windows Phone would have a tough job bettering this app.

6Sec Screens

Version notes Update 3.0 - new design - video upload is now free - upload videos from your phone - sort Vines by popularity or by date - video saved on your phone before upload - performance improvement and lot of bug fixes Update 2.2 - video loop counter - follow/unfollow a channel  

DOWNLOAD ( 5.75 MB - 6.35 MB)
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