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Viber for iOS is a free app and messages calling for free on iPhone / iPad. Users can enjoy the direct connection and free whether you have where, or anywhere.

Viber support people to send text messages, phone calls, messages, pictures and videos worldwide. Viber for iOS download the new version to enjoy the advantages Vietnamese utility for users.


Launched in 2010 under the Company’s subjective Viber Media, the first version is only for iPhone, but then the version for Windows Phone, Android and Windows respectively public debut, shows strength attractive which gives users Viber. Basically, Viber is an application text messaging, photos, video calls to people using this app together. But as in the new version updates, Viber will have new features to bring convenience to use, rich user.

Messaging app, iOS Viber call messaging, free calling to iOS

Viber allows users to send text messages or make calls (VoIP) devices for free on iPhone / iPad. It is a tool that neat interface, handy. Just use your phone number to activate Viber, then there will be a pin, as a basis for sustainable human development code number assigned to the phone. Once installed Viber, the app will show everyone you are using Viber, click Free Call to make the call, or simply send a free message to the enemy. If you have a stable connection, 3G or Wifi quickly, the opponent’s contact information so Viber completely done in moments.

Instant messaging, voice call for free on iPhone / iPad

A new point of Viber compared to many other applications can be called smart phones to landlines around the world at low prices, even phone numbers that do not use Viber, Viber Out through features paid enlargement. Viber also supports management features call history from within the app, as well as a new user when using Viber app on iPhone / iPad, it will automatically notify you. The picture quality is always guaranteed and sound clarity make it interesting to users.


Viber Chat groups of up to 100 participants

  • Designed in the style of iOS 7.
  • Support calls via 3G or copper 0 WiFi.
  • Send a message to your friends and relatives.
  • Contact anyone using Viber.
  • No advertising pages.
  • Supports call transfer between the phone to the computer.
    Additional contacts Viber immediately when users saved on the phone,
  • Share multiple photos, videos simultaneously rather limited as the old version.
  • Lock on Viber contacts if not contact, messaging.
  • Share photos, videos, voice messages, location.
  • Sticker rich, frequently updated, unique emoticons.
  • Create a message with the Group up to 100 participants.
  • Subscribe to the group Public Chat: connect with people with similar interests, famous artists, like, and comment on the content.
  • Notification messages, missed calls even when Viber is off.
  • Download the new Sticker Sticker Market up to 1000 sticker, changing content rich conversation.
  • Provides option to send “Instan Hold and Talk” to send an audio message.

Game on Viber: join the game with the typical character of Viber: Violet, Legcat, and collect the coins.
Support for the Viber Desktop application on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Windows 8.

Viber on the App Store-appstoredown

Languages ​​supported: English, Arabic, Norwegian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Ha Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukaraina, Vietnam.

Viber for iOS is a free messaging app, current common voice worldwide. Users can communicate with friends and relatives no matter where you at no charge. Whether to pay the cost of the lowest well. Application brings the online world globally for users. Let soak for 90 million people are using Viber around the world as soon as a free download Viber for iOS.

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